Trusting The Experts For Racing Selections And Race Tips

Many of us feel inspired to take a punt on the horses from time to time, but for those of us who lack an expert’s knowledge on the various runners and riders, but who nonetheless wish to base our selection on more than pure guesswork, it can be a difficult business trying to make an educated guess as to which of the participants will triumph.

The racing press will provide us with some indicators. From there we can learn which of the horses in a race have some kind of winning history, whether they are handicapped in any way, whether they are stepping up a class, or down as the case may be.

Trusting The Experts For Racing Selections And Race Tips

If we know a little the choice of jockey may provide some indication as to how serious the owners are about a particular race. The name of the trainer too may help us to make a decision, or the distance the horse has travelled to get to the meeting. All these factors and more can play a role in determining the likelihood of your horse of choice passing the post first.

All the same, if you are a mere novice you are at the end of the day still only guessing. Bookmakers make lots of money from “” who have studied form and used sound information to reach entirely the wrong conclusion.

So if one is serious about trying to beat the odds and to select the winner it sometimes can be a good idea to invoke a little help, and invariably the best place to look is to somebody whose business it is to correctly predict the outcome of horse races and who can demonstrate a successful history of so doing.

There are numerous pundits willing to offer betting advice and race tips. They range from the man in the pub who sits, beer on table, surrounded by discarded screwed up betting slips, to sophisticated websites resplendent with graphs, charts and scientific formulae.

Without exception, the only racing selections the wise punter will take any notice of will be those emanating from a source with a proven track record of success. Whether you are horse betting or horse laying, betting to win or opting for the safety of an each way punt, ask to see the evidence that the tipster has some kind of history of getting it right.

Not all of the time, of course, but often enough to be able to demonstrate a clear profit.
Because if you are serious enough to consider betting as an income source, it is not the form of the horse that counts more than anything else but the form of the tipster.